Invader's Upgrade Guidebook

It's a hard job invading worlds solar day in and solar day out. Make sure you are fully equipped for optimal invading effectiveness. Check out all the in-game goodies you can spend your hard earned cogs on.

Starting Level Upgrades
Maximum Smart Bombs
Increases the maximum number of smart bombs in your salvo at the start of a new game. It's a party.
Smart Bomb Regeneration
Increases the starting rate at which your smart bombs regenerate themselves in a new game.
Shield Regeneration
Increases the starting rate at which your shields regenerate in a new game. Stayin' alive.

Available Level Upgrades
Smart Bomb Weapons
Gives you access to more powerful weapons during the course of the game. Trust me, these are awesome.

Special Upgrades
Shield Recharge
Instant full shields. For those times when you need a real pick-me-up.
Missile Shield
Grants invulnerability to incoming missiles for 4 seconds. Gets rid of pesky death symptoms.
Ground Thump
Slams the ground with a mighty thump and pops up any blocks that happen to be on the ground at the time.
Gravity Reverse
Reverses gravity for 1.5 seconds. You won't know what's up or down anymore.
Missile Recharge
Instant full missiles. Cuz you never have them around when you need them.
Missile Blast
Blast of missiles equal to the current max missile level. Doesn't deplete your regular missiles. Looks awesome.
Nuclear Strike
All blocks destroyed instantly from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. No points, but streaks are maintained.

Weapon Alternates
Like totally lets you taste colors and gives you a way groovy invading experience man...
Kill them with kindness! Love and shrapnel will be in the air with this romantic alternate.

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