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Invader Zurp is a unique first-person, on-rails physics shooter. A completely original game concept like you have never seen before. You are Zurp, "Destroyer of Worlds" tasked with raining down mighty destruction from planet to planet. Your ship cruises over the planetary surface and you are tasked with choosing targets for super-intelligent smart bombs to home in on and destroy.

The game mechanic is deceptively simple. See something you want to shoot? Just touch it. That's it. There's plenty for you shoot, that's for sure. Milk points by scoring awesome mid-air hits on blocks. Protect yourself against defensive turrets by intercepting their missiles. Score full ammo reloads by finding the 3 hidden gold blocks in every structure. In this simplicity lies a deeper strategy of finding the right balance between these choices so that you can continually upgrade your ship and survive the increasingly difficult onslaught.

  • 5 Unique Stages with 20 Waves of Buildings to Destroy
  • Realistic Physics Simulation using the Bullet Physics Library
  • Eye-popping Particle and Explosion Effects
  • Pumping Soundtrack by Trance Emerson
  • 50 Unique and Creative Game Center Achievements
  • In-depth Leaderboards
  • Detailed Level Records That Track Your Performance
  • Unlockable Speed Modifiers and Infinite Mode

Look forward to even more content, game modes and planetary destruction in future updates! Want to help participate in future updates to Invader Zurp? Join the discussion on Facebook or follow Zurp on Twitter.

Check out the awesome Invader's Upgrade Guidebook where you can learn about all the advanced technoloy you have at your disposal.

Check out some blog posts detailing the development of Invader Zurp on the Blue Lotus Blog:

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